Към съдържанието

„And then there were none“ (Internet edition)

Ten new web users browsing online;
one clicked the wrong link, and then there were nine.
Nine twitter bots spammed status updates;
one got reported, and then there were eight.
Eight co-workers browsing PornHaven;
one was caught masturbating, and then there were seven.
Seven ICHC posters shared lolcat pics;
one cant has cheezburger, and then there were six.
Six cooking bloggers shared recipes;
one tried the food, and then there were five.
Five forum trolls got in a flame war;
one choked in outrage, and then there were four.
Four 4-square users crossing the street;
one stopped to check-in, and then there were three.
Three IMDB readers wrote a film review;
people found one unhelpful, and then there were two.
Two ChatRoulette clients used a webcam;
one saw the other, and then there was one.
One Myspace user sat all alone;
he moved to Facebook, and then there were none.
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  1. 08.03.2013 13:40

    Това беше добро. Чак ми напомни за любимия ми форумен трол.

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